Who We Are

President: H.E Sheikha Sayad bint Saqr Al Qasimi

H.E Sheikha Sayad bint Saqr Al Qasimi is an accomplished business woman who owns 51% of the total shares of Jupiter for Adv. & Pub and Training Center. She has accumulated experience in business management and trade. Within the last 25 years, with the support of her higher education and degrees, hard work, and strategic vision, she succeeded in leading her business to enhance the effective economic growth in Sharjah emirate. She earned two Master degrees: MBA and MBA in Aviation, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. This resulted in leading the company successfully since she takes her decisions professionally and responsibly. Her success in business led, also, to establish a network of partners and clients based on trust, transparency, and well-founded relationships.

Her establishment of business relationships, which were deepened with transparent and influential partners, within a professional environment that is based on trust, have always attracted new clients for Jupiter to increase numbers of partnerships, which eventually, led to expanding Jupiter locally and globally. Driven with a total faith and love to her treasured country, the United Arab Emirates, and persistent hard work, H.E Sheikha Sayad bint Saqr Al Qasimi has been always seeking to reach her potentials in attracting external investment for the UAE in general, but specially to Sharjah Emirate. Therefore, she always worked hard to reach excellence in her work, build strategic business relationships that contributes to the socio-economic advancement of the United Arab Emirates and Sharjah.

By doing business, H.E Sheikha Sayad bint Saqr Al Qasimi’s catch phrase is:” I would not be comfortable with the ” very good” rate when I accomplish! I always seek the “Excellent” rate!”

Vice president: H.E Sheikha Rad bint Fahim Al Qasimi

H.E Sheikha Rad bint Fahim Al Qasimi received her formal education, and graduated, at the French international Georges Pompidou School. Then she attended the Panthéon-Assas University, which is one of the most powerful schools in Europe, to study principles of law. Later on, she studied business management at the Sharjah Universtiy in English.

As a major part of her interests in education and multiculturalism, and her willingness to learn about other cultures, she attended the Midtown University in Australia, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

H.E Sheikha Rad Al Qasimi has been always dedicated to attend meetings of her parents’ company at her leisure time, which resulted in combining her education and professional experience into the best recipe for business success. She advanced in her work at her parents’ company and reached the decision-making level. Therefore, she decided to devotedly and consistently serve her cherished country, the United Arab Emirates, to offer her assistance to Emirati young citizens who did not attain the chance to advance in their lives, and to loyally work hard with young Emirati from her generation to pay back the favor of her country. She entered with 50% of the shares of Jupiter for Ads. & Training, while her mother H.E Sheikha Sayad bin Saqr Al Qasimi owns the other 50% of the shares.

In addition to her other talents, H. E. Sheikha Rad Al Qasimi was born with a great love to arts, especially painting. She is influenced with Surrealism and the father of this school Salvador Dali and Picasso. The talented girl started producing wonderful surrealist paintings since she was eleven years old. Her artistic interests and talents were not limited to paintings only but also to music. As soon as her parents realized her love to music, they sent her to Trinity College, where she was graduated and certified in piano playing by the school.

On top of that, H.E Sheikh Rad is multilingual. She is fully excellent in speaking, reading, and writing, of five languages: Arabic (mother tongue), English, French, German, and Spanish. Therefore, she is attracted to the world of advertising and Training. She decided to enter as equal partner to her mom seeking particularly the promotion of Sharjah emirate, and promotion of the United Arab Emirates in general.