Congress Planning & Management

Event management: Conferences and Exhibitions

Jupiter Al Arabiah is a leader in event planning and management in an integrative approach from A to Z. We have all types of qualified staff and expertise that will make your conference, event, and exhibition remarkable and amazing! Your conference will be on the best parts of our company’s curriculum vitae as an accomplishment; so, don’t worry about failure! but you need to celebrate your success and that of us.

Leadership and diverse professional Expertise

Professionally, teamwork of Jupiter leads all the process and activities of your conference! Starting with the topic of the conference, its requirements, booking event rooms, table setting and sittings, Power Point displays, microphones, and contacting local media to publish it. Our company’s success is due to the distinguished service we provide. It helps us not only gain new customers but also provide our loyal clients with the best ideas and services.

Temporary and strategic planning

Jupiter has remarkable qualified expertise that knows all about “conferences” and how to maintain future conferences on the same topic. Our staff will help the organizing committee of your business by utilizing work mechanisms that maintain its objectives.


Jupiter Al Arabiah has all the technical capacities to print colourful and attractive ads. Our staff is able to correct the grammatical mistakes and wordings, which will produce a solid ads. so that the reader feels comfortable reading it! These printed ads. can be also saved in the filing and archival system of your business.

Advertising and media

Jupiter sponsors the advertising and publishing your event on the local media, social networking, and Jupiter website, if the organizing committee likes to do so. As for the printed ads., an extra agreement will be signed with Jupiter.

Jupiter tools of Conference and festival management

  • Booking of Event Room
  • Table setting and preparation of guest speaker corner/ stage
  • Flowers and interior design and decoration
  • Microphones
  • Preparation and printing of requested documents
  • Packing of packages and setting them on the tables/ event room
  • Tourist services for foreign delegations: Flight booking, hotel reservation, tourist tours, and internal transportation
  • Contracting reliable and professional restaurants for meals, receptions, coffee breaks, and snacks
  • Translation work if required
  • Professional and artistic consultancy regarding all relevant issues to the organization of the event.